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Kitchen and Bath Design Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath Design Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath Design Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath Renovation Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath Design Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen and Bath Renovation Firm Opened on Sunday - Sunday Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen Cabinets Products

We hear fans say they want less molding on their kitchen cabinetry, but they aren't crazy about the minimalism of ultra-contemporary kitchens either.
Warm, homey, casual, colorful, matte. More emphasis on the traditional elements of a kitchen--appliances, hardware, countertops. The countertops are distinctly different from the kitchen cabinets. The appliances have personality.
Clean, minimalist, formal, white, shiny. The gray panel on the island and the backsplash help to set off all the white kitchen cabinet doors. The countertops are the same color as the kitchen cabinets. The appliances blend in.
Glossy contemporary foil kitchens can be had at a fraction of the cost of laquered kitchen cabinets. Many colors available from Crystal Cabinet Works. This photo from Kitchens.com
Recently completed. Painted maple, granite.
Entertain with style. Even the pantry can be stylish.
Here is a great example of a kitchen with stacked wall cabinets. Also a good example of a "two-toned" design. The island is a stained wood and the others are painted.
Check out this two-tone contemporary. The dark kitchen cabinets and the white kitchen cabinets are nicely balanced. There is a strong statement of light and dark. This can work in traditional designs too. Try to avoid a checkerboard look.
New cherry door samples from Crystal Cabinetworks. Clockwise from the top middle: Belmont style in Cherry Truffle. Greenfield in Cherry Honeytone. Townsend in Cherry Sepia. Winthrop in Honeytone with Van Dyke Brown Glaze. Country French Square in Williamsburg Yellow with Brown Glaze. Claremont door style in Cherry Amber. The kitchen cabinets below the countertop are Natural cherry. Cherry is capable of amazing variation as you can see. Yes the wood actually comes from cherry trees. They are slow growing and small. That's why it's a premium wood and costs more that maple or oak. Crystal is an excellent value considering all the hand staining, glazing and sanding that goes into making your kitchen perfect.
That moveable piece above the door is a transom. Used for ventilation whether you have a steam generator or not.
VICTORIA + ALBERT tubs are amazing...Amalfi pictured. We have the Toulouse in our kitchen and bath design and cabinets showroom. Come by and try it out. We are offering an amazingly good price on Victoria + Albert tubs and sinks.
White Kitchens. They are always in the top 3 of what clients are looking for. Most are painted maple or MDF or a combination of the two. Maple will show tiny cracks in the paint as it expands and contracts. MDF (medium density fiberboard) does not expand or shrink and takes paint very well. Many of the finest cabinet brands use MDF doors or door panels for a flawless painted look. Notice the "wall" of cabinets and appliances in this kitchen. This is a very contemporary element seen in "modern" kitchens where all the tall elements are massed together in one "wall". Here this configuration works because the island countertop is nearby.
A contemporary kitchen in cherry and granite. Also had a heated floor.
Aren't these drawers great? Perfect if you need more drawers or don't like lazy Susan’s. BTW I had a client named Susan who did not like the name, lazy Susan. So as not to offend her, I called them "corner carousels."
That is a portable plate rack in the drawer. It's expandable to fit all sizes. Easy to carry to your table. I think they are coming out with wooden ones soon.

Crystal Cabinet Works

Crystal Cabinet Works, manufacturers of fine custom cabinetry, crafted the cabinetmaker way since 1947. We’re the same family-owned company that got its start in a Minneapolis garage over 60 years ago. The garage has gotten a little bigger, but our approach to the work hasn’t changed a bit. Our quality is in the details, with each cabinet made one at a time, using only the finest quality American made materials.Crystal cabinets are crafted by true, skilled custom cabinet makers, ensuring they will stand the test of time. All Crystal cabinetry is backed with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Take a look and see for yourself why Crystal is the finest name in cabinetry. Crystal is our fully-custom framed product line, offering a wide array of standard cabinets, modifications and special requests. Doors are available in overlay, fulloverlay, half-overlay and inset styles, allowing you to achieve period looks like Arts & Crafts, Shaker, Tuscan, Country French, as well as cutting-edge transitional designs for any room in the home.Crystal cabinetry is constructed using the finest American-made materials with the best in workmanship and design flexibility. With Crystal’s vast selection of door styles, woods and Signature finishes, designing your cabinetry to custom fit your lifestyle has never been easier or more exciting.

Stacked kitchen cabinets with a 9ft ceiling. It can be done. Notice the extra thick granite.
Flemish glass abstracts the wall cabinet's contents nicely. Nice pro-style range with 2 ovens has everything all in one convenient location.
Notice, the glass on the stacked kitchen cabinets does not go all around the room. The doors are solid on the 24" deep cabinets above the refrigerators and the pantries.
These are all Crystal kitchen cabinets. They even supply the glass. Wow that thick granite is amazing. Most likely it is only the edges of the slabs that were made thicker by adhering more layers of granite.


Quest, Crystal's fully-custom frameless cabinetry, has been engineered to allow full access to the interior space.
If sleek contemporary is what you want, Quest offers the ultimate in design flexibility for your space. Create your Quest cabinetry from a variety of materials– special wood veneers, laminate, foil, stainless steel or wood. This versatile line also allows you to create cabinet looks like traditional, country, Arts and Crafts, and Shaker. Quest is crafted using the finest American made materials with the highest level of workmanship
and technology. Let your imagination run wild with Quest cabinetry.


Keyline framed cabinet collection was created by selecting many of Crystal's most popular door styles, woods, finishes, and sought-after custom design elements. The same high-quality American-made made construction is used. By simplifying the choices, you get an incredible value with distinct appearance and custom features. Keyline cabinetry has authentic styling and craftsmanship with each cabinet built just for you.


Encore frameless cabinet collection was created by selecting many of Quest's most popular door styles, woods, finishes, and sought-after contemporary custom design elements. The same high-quality American-made made construction is used. By simplifying the choices, we are able to offer you an incredible value for high-quality cabinetry with distinct modern, as well as traditional custom features. Encore cabinetry has versatility and functionality with each cabinet built just for you.


Support your healthy, sustainable lifestyle through green custom cabinetry from Crystal Cabinets, a manufacturer with a legacy of the strongest environmental ethics in the industry. Balancing durable cabinetry and environmental responsibility, Crystal offers GreenQuest with no-added urea formaldehyde plywood, low-emitting finishes, and rapidly-renewable cabinet components.Attesting to its durability, Crystal’s green products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.
Crystal’s GreenQuest construction offers you a multitude of options to design healthy and sustainable custom cabinetry. Create your cabinetry by choosing green materials and features that are especially important to you and your project.
Green-Core plywood is American made with no added urea-formaldehyde and moisture resistant resins. Green-Core plywood interior surfaces are coated with a non-emitting and exceptionally durable UV topcoat.
Crystal is certified to the requirements of ESP* 02-09 for Air Quality, Resource Management of Product and Process, Environmental Stewardship and Community Relations under the KCMA* Environmental Stewardship Program.
Crystal is a licensed facility under the Composite Panel Association’s Environmentally Preferable Product?(EPP) downstream user programs. Over 95% of the composite products used at Crystal meet the criteria for recycled content and emissions.


Shiloh produces kitchen and bath cabinetry with the customer in mind.  Our cabinetry is designed for the kitchen or bath, entertainment room, or any other area in the home where cabinets are needed. Visit our website for details on our quality cabinet construction methods and Shiloh's complete array of finish colors - over 250 and growing.  We offer custom options and numerous accessories, without the custom price tag.  We encourage you to compare our construction, finish selection and options to other cabinet companies.  Just visit Sunday Kitchen and Bath's showroom and experience why Shiloh Cabinetry is "Elegance in Wood."


Our commitment to provide a well-built cabinet using quality materials has helped us grow consistently year after year.  With just the right amount of styles and finishes to satisfy the everyday consumer, Sequoia cabinetry maintains its great quality and value.  Explore our site and see what everyone is talking about, like our always FREE glazing.


Each and every granite stone is unique. Granite countertops are very affordable. Usually slabs are chosen by the customer at a granite warehouse. A fabricator does the measuring, cutting and installing. We use a trusted source for slabs and for fabricating. It's a natural product that comes in many different color choices and patterns: veined, speckled and swirled. It is impossible to duplicate the true beauty of granite.  It's easy to clean. Granite can usually be repaired if it's damaged.  It is very heat resistant. Granite is hard to scratch. You can cut on it.  Granite is durable, it will last your lifetime and more. You will still admire the beauty of your natural stone five years down the road.


Quartz has many of the characteristics of granite. It is hard to scratch and can have a matte finish or po lished.  It is a manufactured material made mostly from natural quartz. It is measured, cut and installed like granite.  The color choices are very different from granite. With engineered quartz you can get vibrant solid colors as well as rich patterns. Customers can pick colors in the showroom, there is no need to view slabs.<